Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Xiamen Keeps on Giving

After 2 years of living in Xiamen, China I am still discovering new beauty in this city. Here are my favorite Xiamen shots from this current, 2018, school year. Photos are all from this August to December.


From my balcony and near my Jimei district apartment

Tong'an, an outer district of Xiamen

The Botanical Gardens in Xiamen

Xiamen Does Asian Food Well

Haicang, an outer district of Xiamen

Binbei Area, in Siming District

The Beach and Shimao Straits towers from Hulishan Fort

These final two favorite photos are technically not in Xiamen, but they were taken in a nearby Fujian village.

I am excited for the other Xiamen discoveries that still await. I'll be sure to share the prettiest ones.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Japan: Nothing but the Highlights

In October my school sent me to Japan for a work conference and I stayed afterwards to explore.


I spent the first 4 nights in Yokohama, where the conference was held. 

Yokohama's pretty skyline.

I went on the Cosmo Clock. It was a little nervous -making but allowed me to spy some stunning views.

My hotel had both of these in the bedside table.


After the conference I headed to Tokyo to stay in a capsule hotel.

This iPod was how I turned the sofa into a bed and turned the lights off, etc.

It was extremely clean and included a free breakfast in a shared eating space. 

The world's busiest intersection, Shibuya crossing.

KitKat love in Japan. They had so many different flavors. 


Then on to where I really wanted to go. I took the high speed train from Tokyo to Kyoto. It took about 2 hours. It was not cheap. 

This bamboo grove!

These picturesque orange gates.

I stayed in a fairly traditional hotel where I got served a bunch of things I didn't know how to eat. But everything, everywhere I went tasted great.

Homemade mochi made with matcha, or green tea.

A custard filled waffle. Kind of. But shaped like a fish. Yum!

The triangle stop signs.

The hotel gave me a Japanese robe to wear while I stayed with them. 

Snip, snap snout this tale is told out!